James Coulson


Other America


Other America is a series of 12 short films that travel across the country, choosing blue highways over state roadways, local shops over shopping malls, encountering real people over reality personas.

Throughout his youth, UK-born director James Coulson dreamed of a New York forged in pop culture. Eight years after moving to the Big Apple, James set out on a road trip to delve below the surface image that first drew him to America. Along the side roads, in small towns and areas not featured in guidebooks, Coulson discovered strangers who generously and candidly related their life stories. In exploring America as the “other,” Coulson decided to apply for his US citizenship midway.

Role Director + Cinematographer + Producer


Nowhere in the world can you travel across a country of such extremes, both in the environment and its people. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, the series’ journey through America is defined by the promise of liberty.

These stories are Other America.

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Title sequence for the film Urge. Desire, hidden pleasures, and how the drug in this film pushes people well beyond the urges they’ve had pulsing underneath their skin, in their subconscious, and out into the real world. Concept centered around pushing against society’s barriers and what might happen if you actually break through... the material latex was a good metaphor for the barrier, as it’s stretchy, skin-like and carries specific symbolism.

Duration 2:08


Role Creative Director + Live Action Director + Designer


Born Guilty


Title sequence providing the backstory to a young advertising exec Marty, who moved to LA to escape his over bearing mother.

Duration 2:14

Role Creative Director +  Designer

born guilty.jpg

Reebok ActivChill


In-store film describing a complex narrative of how the new Reebok ActivChill fabric works to wick moisture away and cool the wearer. The film was designed to work without audio for in-store display.

Duration: 39

Role Creative Director +  Designer

JC_2015_Reebok_012616_NS_MIX (


Nitehawk Open

An animated narrative deconstructing Nitehawk’s brand elements to craft a story that subtly references the history of cinema.

The Nitehawk bird as the hero of the piece, with the bird rendered in black against the brand’s bold yellow, in a story of predator VS prey or the early bird gets the worm. This piece opens the Nitehawk Short Film Festival.

Duration :40

Role Creative Director +  Designer



Pitch Perfect 2 Titles


Pitch Perfect 2, Universal Pictures and Gold Circle Entertainment’s hit comedy, features opening and end titles, utilizing light drawing to illustrate humorous and risqué moments from the film.

Duration 1:08

Role Creative Director +  Designer

CS_Pitch_Perfect_2_cutdown_100715_GRADED (

This is Lincoln


Brand logo mnemonic crafted for Lincoln’s flagship Continental car. Brief was to create a minimalist, yet elegant animation, supporting the brand values of the car and complimenting the fresh, visceral nature of the spots. The tag had to work across many types of background plates and spot durations.

Role Creative Director

Lincoln Commercial (

IBM Big Data


Directors cut (2 minutes) of an 8-minute film commissioned by IBM. 

Brief was to tell the story of how Big Data is dealt with at IBM Power Systems. The film was designed to take the viewer on a journey, through the use of various innovative technologies employed by IBM.


Role Creative Director +  Designer

IBM_Animation_060314_61_ProRes_final ( copy.jpg

CIBA Dailies Total One

Role Co-Director + Designer

A global campaign spot and documentary style interview film were required to promote a revloutionary new contact lens. The selling point was the new technology which allows the lens to hold the same amount of water as the eyeball, thus becoming the worlds most comfortable contacts.

CIBA Dailies Total One Interviews (

ZTE Axon 7


ZTE’s premium smartphone launch required design, product build and animation for both it’s initial launch spot and over 20 supporting films. The key selling point is that it’s the best sounding smartphone on the market. Audio wave  visualization was used to lead the viewer through the phones features and to build the tagline.

Launch spot and interstitial montage featured

Role Creative Director

Axon ZTE Launch Interstitials (

Samsung UHDTV Showcase


Three ultra high definition films where created to showcase Samsung’s new television range in Best Buy. The brief was to create three screens of visually arresting imagery that would highlight the resolution and dynamic color range of the product without the use of audio.

1 visual and case study featured

Role Creative Director

ROS020_comp_v038_UHD 2 (0;00;05;21).jpg

Showtime Anytime is a TV everywhere service for multiple platforms.

Role was to lead creative development for Showtime Anytime, providing creative direction and design for user interface, user experience and visual design development across platforms and devices. 

Developed new features and launched new platforms for Showtime Anytime, overseeing migration of app from iOS to Android phone and tablet. Presented creative concepts to Product Development/Management team, provided creative guidance to outside application vendors (mobile, other platforms) and other creative agencies. Directed development of all digital assets and copy for both ongoing editorial and product promotional needs. 

Role Creative Director +  Designer



SYFY Rebrand

Role Creative Director

Creative Director overseeing full rebrand of SCI FI Channel to SYFY. Purpose was to create an ownable brand (rather than genre) whilst appealing to a broader audience. Rebrand included bespoke typeface, logo design, brand films, idents and navigation system used across TV, web, social media and print.

Brand film invites viewers into a celebratory house party populated with rooms inspired by the Channel's original programs and characters. The film was designed to be modularly deconstructed into 10 and 5 second network idents. Logo Idents where also created.


Role Creative Director + Live Action Director

Battlestar Galatica

Main image campaign for the last season of Battlestar Galactica. Promo highlights the character driven and emotional aspect of the show.

Light effect is shot in-camera.


Reeses Halloween


Referencing B movie horror films, this spot focuses on the peanut butter cup as a potential foe - both trick and treat.

Produced by Imaginary Forces


Role  Designer + Art Director

Imaginary Forces   Reese's Halloween HD (0;00;15;18) copy.jpg

Role Creative Director


Commercial for a hugely popular technology blog. Spot captures a not-too-distant future where potential technologies are being used in everyday situations. All imagined technologies were invented for this 1st Avenue Machine created spot.

Duration :30

DVICE30_SYFY_Jun11_HD (0;00;07;25).jpg

Role Director

2 Truths + 1 Lie

Autonomous piece created for the film festival 20/120. 20 Directors submit a 120 second piece based on the theme "Truth vs. Deception". This piece was inspired by the ice breaking game, 2 truths and 1 lie.

Duration 2:00


Aol. It's On


Be On, a division of AOL, is an end-to-end video platform for brands that creates and measures premium content and campaigns globally. For AOL's annual Digital Content Newfronts presentation, I collaborated with The Nation to create a series of live action interstitials, which where used to create an immersive brand experience. 

Role Director

AOL_Style-uncompressed (

Role Creative Director + Live Action Director

ECW Image Campaign

Main image campaign for ECW. Focusing on the art of the finishing move, Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger are captured in slow motion as they perform their signature moves.

Duration 2x :30

Bourne HD1080P_24p_compression_none_audio_tag_1 (

Role Creative Director

Estate of Panic

Promotional campaign for Estate of Panic, a game show where 7 strangers are locked up in a mansion and have to find money hidden inside booby-trapped rooms, whilst overcoming their fears. Produced and directed by Brand New School.

Duration 2x :30

EOP_Walls&Water_405_Frames (0;00;51;16).jpg

Ghost Hunters


A set of six idents promoting a new season of Ghost Hunters. Designed to reflect the thermographic aesthetic employed in the Ghost Hunters branding and the technology used by the hunters themselves.

Role Creative Director + Live Action Director

DINNER_SPOON (0;00;01;02).jpg